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Gushen Group is an internationalleading supplier,based his core industry on producing and researching soy proteins and soy health-care foods.
Established in 1999,Gushen Group is a disparate enterprise,mainly involving in soybean deep-processing.
Soy Oligosaccharide | Soy Dietary Fiber | Concentrated Soy Proteins | Textured Soy Proteins | Isolated Soy Proteins
Nation-Standarded Soy Oil | Soy Low-Temperature Dregs/Soy White Flakes | Soy High-Temperature Dregs | Soy Lecithin | Soy Lecithin Concentrate | Soy Flour
Popular Products
Natural Vegetarian Meat | Soy Protein Powder in Edition Bingding | Soy Oligosaccharide in Edition Bingding | Sausages with high protein content | Paper Towels
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